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Audi FIS Ski Cross World Cup Watles Racetrack

Spectacular Fight in Four at Audi FIS Ski Cross World Cup Watles

Audi FIS Ski Cross World Cup Watles

FINISH AREA                    


Characteristics of a Word Cup Skicross Racetrack

»  Longitude of slope between 800 and 1200 meters
» Altitude difference between 150 and 250 meters
» 50% of the slope have different distances between the elements
» 25% are sleepers, humpbacks and turns
» 25% are jumps (about 1 to 4 meters) and landings
» Ladies and men are using the same slope!
» Different slope elements
» Automatically start gate
»  Timekeeping for the qualification
» High speed photo camera for the fotofinish

For the athletes

» Qualification - time trial followed by the final round
» Interval starts in qualifying
» From finals four athletes on the track
» Average speed: 19 meters/second for men (65 km/h); 14 meters/second for the ladies
» 45-60 seconds length
» 5 rounds until winning
» 50% direction changes with different radii
» 25% straight out rides and cross-rides
» 25% on jumps or in the air

Some Rules in Skicross

» Helmets by FIS rules are required
» Body Protector for back, arms and hip usually used under suit
» No one piece Speed Suits allowed
» Pants and Jacket (two pieces) are required and they are to be ‘loose’
» Ski Boots and bindings by FIS rules
» GS Skis with softer tip (no FIS regulation on length or side cut)