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Audi FIS Ski Cross World Cup Watles Racetrack

Spectacular Fight in Four at Audi FIS Ski Cross World Cup Watles


                         FINISH AREA          


Characteristics of a Word Cup Ski Cross Racetrack

»  Longitude of slope between 800 and 1200 meters
» Altitude difference between 150 and 250 meters
» 50% of the slope have different distances between the elements
» 25% are sleepers, humpbacks and turns
» 25% are jumps (about 1 to 4 meters) and landings
» Ladies and men are using the same slope!
» Different slope elements
» Automatically start gate
»  Timekeeping for the qualification
» High speed photo camera for the Fotofinish

For the athletes

» Qualification - time trial followed by the final round
» Interval starts in qualifying
» From finals four athletes on the track
» Average speed: 19 meters/second for men (65 km/h); 14 meters/second for the ladies
» 45-60 seconds length
» 5 rounds until winning
» 50% direction changes with different radii
» 25% straight out rides and cross-rides
» 25% on jumps or in the air

Some Rules in Ski Cross

» Helmets by FIS rules are required
» Body Protector for back, arms and hip usually used under suit
» No one piece Speed Suits allowed
» Pants and Jacket (two pieces) are required and they are to be ‘loose’
» Ski Boots and bindings by FIS rules
» GS Skis with softer tip (no FIS regulation on length or side cut)